Rejuvenation at a Martha’s Vineyard Hotel – “Fill Your Cup”

We’ve all heard a variation of the saying, “fill your cup, because you cannot pour from an empty cup”. In the bustling world of seasonal hospitality, I believe we can all agree on the importance of self-rejuvenation. This is precisely why we decided to open our Hob Knob Spa to the public a few years ago. We take pride in guiding Vineyard visitors to our menu of rewarding and personalized massage treatments, followed by a soothing session in our sauna and steam shower. We also love providing recommendations for our favorite island wellness escapes. Whether your version of self-care is elevated through a bike ride, an exercise class, a cozy corner of a bookstore or simply a freshly-brewed cup of coffee; we are here to share a few of our favorites.

As you walk down Main Street in Edgartown, be sure to make a right on Water Street. You’ll glance up and notice Wheel Happy Bicycles, likely followed by a big smile from owner Phil Hughes and his delightful family. Take a glance at the incredible selection of bike rentals and gaze over a map of the seemingly-endless island bike trails. The sea breeze through your helmet will keep you motivated to keep scouting new beaches and spots to explore. Find Summer Solstice any day through a Hot Vinyasa class at Vineyard Vinyasa, a charming studio nestled inside Nevin Square. Instructor Erika Davies will guide you through the practice of yoga and the importance of self-love and appreciation. Whether you are an experienced yogi or practicing for the very first time, you will feel welcome here. You may borrow a mat from the studio, but don’t forget your water. Hydration is what will continue fueling you to your next class! An island afternoon well-spent includes a visit to the shelves of Edgartown Books. Hop up the steps and into the door of this classic New England bookstore, located right on Main Street. You’ll find a selection of beach reads, new releases, Vineyard classics and more. The store associates will help you navigate exactly what you are looking for, providing assistance with special orders if necessary. Tuck your new book into your beach bag and make a left on Water Street, you will find a little path toward the Edgartown Lighthouse. One of our favorite reading spots overlooking Chappaquiddick.

We will conclude this brief dive into Vineyard Wellness exactly how we started, filling our cup. Our favorite place to enjoy an afternoon treat is on the Hob Knob Hotel porch, sipping Jim’s Organic Coffee. The island is also home to many wonderful coffee shops. If you are in need of a pick-me-up after arriving on the ferry, walk up to Main Street in Vineyard Haven for a visit to either Mocha Mott’s or Nat’s Nook. If you have spent your day on the beaches of Edgartown, make sure to visit Rosewater Market or Espresso Love for a quick cup of joe. Not only are their names absolutely adorable, the flavors will provide a memorable experience of island indulgence. Thank you very much for reading, we hope to see you filling your cup on Martha’s Vineyard this summer.

 Abby Gardner, GM at the Hob Knob Hotel